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Crown & Sword Contributors

Rev. Doug Barnes serves as Minister of the Word & Sacraments at Grace United Reformed Church in Alto, MI. A graduate of Mid-America Reformed Seminary and of Geneva College, he has served as a minister since 2004. Prior to that, the Lord taught him about the world through work as a newspaper reporter and, briefly, as a roofer. He is thankful to be married to Grace and to be the father of Michal, Sam & Aundrea, Luke, Jacob & Bethany, Joanna, and Jesse.

Mr. Mark Van Der Molen is an attorney and elder at Immanuel United Reformed Church in DeMotte, Indiana.  He has published articles in Christian Renewal and the Aquila Report on the Reformed Confession’s view of church and state.  Mark has served on the URCNA Board of Directors and currently serves on the Standing Committee on Appeals for the United Reformed Churches in North America.